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Ashley Christopher, Esq.


A Force

Ashley is where education, advocacy and entertainment collide.  A force in her own right, Ashley is paving the way for black youth to succeed.  Ashley draws from her life experiences, as a stroke survivor and young mother and celebrates how far she’s come as an attorney, CEO and advocate.  Never seeking recognition for her work didn’t stop this powerhouse from receiving the Doing a World of Good Medal of Honor and the Delaware State University Community Impact Award.  


A noticeable lack of access to opportunity for people of color left a lasting impression on Ashley.  Determined to make a difference, she founded HBCU Week Foundation.    The mission of HBCU Week is to encourage enrollment into HBCUs, provide scholarship dollars for matriculation and sustain a pipeline of employment from undergraduate school to corporate America.  HBCU Week offers an authentic homecoming-like experience, featuring a weeklong of activities.  The cornerstone of this initiative is the college fair.  This fair is unique because participating colleges engage in an on-the-spot acceptance process, whereby, if attending students come equipped with the requisite SAT/ACT score and GPA, they can be offered acceptance on the spot and a scholarship award. To date, over 6,000 acceptances on the spot have been offered and over 50 million dollars in scholarships have been awarded.          

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Devoted Mother

Nothing brings her more joy than being a mother to her son, Ryan.  Becoming a mother at a young age, inspired Ashley to encourage young people to never give up on their dreams.  Fall in love with the process.  Settle in to the adjustments that will be made on your journey.  Only you can stop you from reaching your goal.  

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